Iframe and Themify options

This is an informative video about the basic use of and iframe, and how to use it in WordPress. I am using a theme called Corporate from Themify. If you do not have a front end loader, the same technique still applies to all of WordPress.

Reduce the size of PNG images to optimize your website

Optipng is a free program that is very easy to use. It only reduces the size of PNG file, without losing quality of the image. Most designers want to use PNG file format to remove a background from images that the use of a compressed file like a JPEG will not do. This video will show you how to place it on your computer, as it does not have an install. The program also is run with the command line, so I show you some of the basic command line feature. Optipng may be downloaded from http://www.optipng.sourceforge.net/

Some of my best shots on WGT

WGT (World Golf Tour) is a great game, and a great way to pass the time when it’s cold, or rainy. Enjoy a little video with some of my great shots. I have permission to use the music in this video, performed by: Ethan Meixsell “In The Shadows”