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 My Review of Themify!  Drag and drop theme builder for WordPress!

WordPress, originally blogging software, has become a great content management system that is used by even big business today. There are many themes and plugins available for the software, but a good premium theme doesn’t make a well rounded website, which is why web developers remain in business. My review is about a company out of Canada called

There are several companies that have developed a drag and drop theme, and customer support is important. Themify has a support forum, that for me has proved to be quite helpful. In most cases the topic you wish to ask may easily be found with just a simple search. If you do not find your answer depending on what time zone you are in, you may have to get the answer the next day.

Themify has a great pricing structure and a couple of free themes available. If you are a website developer then you have membership options from as low as $79.00 for all themes and updates to $139.00 for all themes updates, Photoshop files, and plugins a year.

What is Drag and Drop?

In simple terminology drag and drop is a way for the end user to drop an item or element on a page, and in a position that they desire to get the desired look and feel for the page that the user desires. Drag and drop takes the coding out of play when it comes to creating your website.

Without knowledge of WordPress and the themes fundamental elements it’s not necessarily easy for anyone to design a professional looking site. Although it is a dream come true for website designers. By removing so much of the coding for the principle parts of a layout, designers now have a perfect tool to use for creating incredible websites.

Starting with the basics

Themify comes with a settings area to use for setting standard layouts, social links, and even creating hook content within a page. You may also import demo material into your site to view how the pages were created originally.


Two additional features with the theme include the builder layouts, and builder layout parts. Builder layouts have predesigned pages with plugins that you may select from, and then replace the content. This is a quick way to develop a layout that you will use throughout your design. You may also you’re your own personal layout.

Secondly, the builder layout parts are a great tool to use for a couple of reasons. The first is that if you have an item or items that will be present on several pages you may create the layout part and then use a short code, or the “Layout Parts” module to place the item anywhere you like. Second, if there are changes to the item, you only have to change it one time in the builder layouts parts, and the changes will reflect everywhere it is posted on your website.

Plugins Drag and Drop

There are quite a number of plugins available but I’m only going to mention a few. I will describe after the plugin name, what it is and what I like or don’t like about it.


  • Accordion

This is a fantastic plugin that gives you the option of having it open or closed. It would be great for questions with answers, or to list many features with descriptions of each feature hidden until it is selected.

  • Tab

Similar to the accordion above, but with more options on the way you would like items viewed. One item is of course always visible, but with the many options you are given you have the opportunity to make a fantastic display using this plugin.

  • A/B Image

This plugin gives you the ability to use two separate photos and it has a drag bar on it. The drag bar may be horizontal or vertical but there is no automation to it. I personally would have preferred this to have more options, such as black and white to color on rollover or a timer. I think an update on this module is in order, but in the meantime I will continue to code when I need to.

  • Callout

This plugin basically creates a large box with text that contains an action button. Just an attention grabber that I don’t think I’ll ever use. This feature does not allow for images to be used in the box, so coding would still be in order here.

  • Contact

Now this feature is pretty simplistic and I hope they take the time to improve upon it. There are form generators out there for WordPress that include this feature, but have the ability to create new lines, and remove lines for input fields. I would love to see an update on this plugin that allowed me to do just that. I believe the plugin should be renamed to “Form”, and allow us to place our own questions and resize boxes as needed. It would also be nice to have the advantage to have ghost text inside the box, instead of outside.



Remember this review is my personal opinion, so in closing I would like to say that as a website developer I give Themify 9/10 stars. I rate it this high because of all of the themes I have used through the years; I have not had issues with the Themify themes. With the exception of a few plugins not being all that I wished they were the only other issue that I’ve had and not taken the time to ask about is in the customization window.

The floating menu bar at the top resizes as you scroll down the page. I wanted the menu bar to be black with white text. I made the changes and it looked perfect, but as you scrolled down and it reduced in size the menu changed from back to white and you could not read the text. I’m sure there is a simple answer to this, but I have not taken the time to research it yet.

When searching for a theme remember that looks may be deceiving. It is generally the code behind the theme that is causing the problem and can be worked out if you have the time to do it. I’ve personally developed five sites with the use of Themify, and had little to no issues with it. I feel that a few of the plugins need to be addressed, but if you are a web designer then you are familiar with finding and coding to correct the little bugs.