WordPress Security – Importance of a secure site

Importance of a Secure Site

Image of WordPress SecuityWordPress is one of the dominating CMS applications used on the internet today. With fame also comes attention, and black-hat hacker’s that desire to destroy the greatness of such a widely used web-development tool.  WordPress security needs to be established to protect your site from such threats.

Anything on the web will become vulnerable, and it is up to the developers of applications to keep up with security vulnerabilities. The core development at WordPress deserves credit for identifying security issues and updating on a regular basis. However, the user still has a responsibility to secure their site from threats.  Security patch updates take place after the known vulnerability is exposed, without security your site is at risk.

WordPress security is how we stay on top of our constant fight against malware. Many users want to start a simple website or blog, and do not worry about security. It may seem like an easy escape to pay little attention to updates, and security patches. Having no regard to the dangers we face today, could be when a hack occurs on your site.  Human nature tends to blame everything, including WordPress, but do you ever think you might be the cause?

Just a few of the infections that occur are:

  • Poor System Administration
    • Note keeping your site and plugins up to date.
  • Poor Hosting
    • Cheap Host Providers do not include security such as SiteLock to scan your site daily.
  • Poor Credential Management
    • Using poor passwords on site, ftp, and databases and not locking out users after failed login attempts.
  • Poor knowledge of the Web
    • Not being aware of the threats that are out there.
  • Poor knowledge of Security
    • Having security on your site is a must. You cannot rely on updates, they happen after the threat has occurred.

Don’t be the website owner that does not take WordPress security seriously. There are many security applications available for WordPress, and it is wise to invest in one. There are additional techniques you may use to help secure your site as well. I will discuss some of these in my coming articles.