The Importance of Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance ImageA typical site owner does not know the importance of website maintenance, and that it is vital to keep your site error free.  Most websites are attacked by backdoors, themes that are not updated and plugins.  It is important to monitor and keep your site maintained.

Most website owners don’t have the skill or confidence to maintain their site, and may even be scared to do so.  It can seem like a very intimidating process because they are not sure exactly what they are doing.  In many cases they try new things that break their site, and they do not know how to repair it.  Something as simple as updating your site could be scary, because you are not sure if plugins will work correctly after the site is updated.


Nobody updates your site and leaves it vulnerable to attacks

Without the updates that are important to current threats, you leave yourself open for a hacker to infest your site with malware.  If there is any vulnerability in your site the hacker will continue to try to gain access.  Without updates to your site, and proper security measures implemented eventually they will gain access.  Once they have control there is no telling the amount of damage they can cause, or if they are using replicating Trojan attacks that manifest themselves over and over.  This type of attack is difficult to remove.

The site owner updates the site and the site breaks

It has been made clear to the site owner that updates are important, but when they update the site it no longer functions properly.  Maybe they installed a new plugin that they wanted to try and it breaks the site.  Whatever the reason may be, they now have a site that displays a white page with an error code, and they have no knowledge of how to fix it.

I as a website designer break sites all the time!  I know that sounds funny, but we are always trying new things, changing code, adding new plugins, and the list goes on.  However, I have the knowledge to fix the mistakes I may make.

Pay a fee to have your site maintained

This is clearly the best option for all site owners that do not have the knowledge of coding or finding items that should not be in the file system.  Maybe you think you can’t afford the fee for site maintenance.  If that is the case, then you place yourself in a high risk zone of being attacked.  The cost for repair of your site could be as much as building a new site, but at least you have all of your data.  In many cases that is true, but what happens when the site is repaired and the malware attacks again?

Paying a fee for website maintenance places your sites protection in our hands.  If there is any attack on your site, or anything goes wrong we are responsible for the repair.  We take the time to make weekly backups of your site and database and keep them stored in case we need them.  We keep your last two backups on file in another location and not on your server.  We do not ask you to make any updates of your software or plugins, because we will take care of that for you.

Integral Dezign is aware of backdoor hacks, and takes the preventative measures to protect your site.  The site maintenance plan takes the worry out of your hands and places us in charge of all security and updates.  We have very competitive pricing for maintenance, and we ensure that your site is free of broken links, and unused pages.  You can rest easy at night knowing that we are monitoring your site for all malware issues.